The Hawai‘i Leadership Forum is dedicated to broad and durable improvements across Hawai‘i.


Effective leadership is essential to creating a more resilient Hawai‘i.

New dynamics are altering what successful leaders will need in the future: global affects local, technology makes information ubiquitous and instantaneous, and impact networks work alongside hierarchies. For Hawai‘i to prosper, we need to develop new leadership skills and new cadres of leaders.

Toward that end, the cornerstone program of the Hawai‘i Leadership Forum—Omidyar Fellows—is designed to enhance connections among leaders and improve their desire and capabilities to mobilize communities and organizations who can create these broad and durable improvements across Hawaiʻi.


What we do

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The Omidyar Fellows program seeks to enhance the connections among leaders and improve their desire and capabilities to mobilize communities and organizations to pursue durable change. The active network of 115 Fellows in the Forum of Fellows are dedicated to making positive movement on Hawai‘i’s most pressing issues.

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Hawai‘i Leadership Forum’s Leaders Lab initiative seeks to spark positive change in Hawai‘i through one-day intensive experiences that identify and build practical leadership skills. It is not a workshop or class, but a laboratory where groups of approximately 20 participants come together, learn from one another, and come out transformed.

Leaders Labs are accessible pathways for leaders to develop their collective impact and create brighter futures for Hawai‘i. Leaders Lab will be organized into five groups: community organizers and nonprofit leaders; educators and academic leaders; health, science, and technology leaders; entrepreneurs, business, and labor leaders; and public officials and government leaders.

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Hawai‘i Leadership Forum partners with SMALLIFY, led by Dave Viotti, to offer coaching, facilitation, capacity building, and other supports to Fellows and their colleagues and teams. The intention is to accelerate and expand participants’ impact, cultivate relationships across their networks, and strengthen their capacity for innovation.

SMALLIFY works with impact project teams comprised of Omidyar Fellows and other community leaders who have a collective challenge they want to address.

These sessions use SMALLIFY’s method and approach to community-centered innovation and moving work forward through action to achieve results. The SMALLIFY process focuses on six essential factors for transformative change:

  1. Clear “Guiding Star”—the anchor purpose or long-term impact goal
  2. Strong leaders, teams, and trusted partners
  3. Commitment to "Small Bets that Matter"
  4. Co-Development of solutions with communities to meet authentic community needs
  5. Leveraging opportunities where there is energy or urgency in the system for change
  6. Staying anchored in a Growth Mindset

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